Jensen Beach Palms

Jensen Beach Palms

The place:

On NE Indian River Dr. in Jensen Beach is Indian Riverside Park.  In front of the Mansion at Tuckahoe building, within this park, are several palm trees that stretch out over the river.  They make fantastic “subjects”

Capturing this place with a camera:

  • The sunrises over Hutchinson Island and framing the sunrise with these palms makes for a nice photo.
  • The key question from a photography standpoint is, “do I want to silhouette the palms?”, or “go green” with the fronds?
  • There is a boardwalk that you can use with a tripod to frame the shot, or, you can clamber up the hill toward the mansion for a different effect..

Interesting fact about this place:

The park also has a boardwalk that takes you through the heart of a mangrove forest.  There can be some photo opps along this path.

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